3 Jahre KTS13 – party with bands, spoken words, dj_anes, cocktails, drinks and food

spoken words – 17h Aussenbühne

bands – 19h Betonsalon
erring soda (queerer hardcore punk)
bunny (hiphop with a queer edge)
ZEZE BAZ (melodic rock‘n‘ soul)
the nacked Ukulele’s band (a copenhagen/berlin based ukulele band,with two ukuleles and two persons)
Maybecyborgs (scratchy electric guitars meets old school drum samplers meets electronics and a punk vs. candy voice)

dj_anes – Betonsalon
friz_lakriz & shit city (riotgirlpostpunktrash)
amperia (electro wave uk baff techno)
divaxs (Soul/Jazz/HipHop )
-iaac- (about blank / Stromperlen)